Canmore Community Cruisers (CCC) is a registered not-for-profit, grass-roots society founded October 10, 2007 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Our programs are propelled by the efforts of several committed volunteers.

Canmore is a community in which everyone is comfortable choosing cycling as their preferred way of getting around town.

To nourish a strong cycling culture in Canmore.

We achieve our mission and vision by embracing the core values of inclusivity, creativity, sustainability and respect for all road users.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Advocate for and promote cycling as an enjoyable, safe, sustainable and healthy mode of transport;
  • Make bikes and bike maintenance more accessible to everyone in Canmore;
  • Promote a community culture that embraces cycling as one of the many ways we all use the roads in Canmore;
  • Encourage all road users share the road in a safe and sustainable way.

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