Candidate Forum Questions

Outdoor Recreation & Active Transportation

In addition to the questions below, there will be a public question and answer session, so please bring your own question for the candidates.

  1. How would you balance the needs of users and wildlife when it comes to trail use in Canmore?
  1. What is your position on responsible trail use, given diverse opinions of people in Canmore and seasonal issues on our trails?
  1. Are you in favour of seasonal trail closures? Please explain.
  1. How do you propose to inform and educate people about responsible trail use?
  1. What are examples of suitable outdoor trail-based activities for the Town of ?Canmore’s recreational lands? Do you see technical trail features as a part of the ?Town’s trail network?
  1. What will you do to support mountain biking in Canmore if you are elected?
  1. We would like to know your stance on continuing the efforts of the Town of ?Canmore’s related to bike skills parks and purpose built (yet multi-use friendly) ?mountain bike trails.
  1. Do you support the short connector trail being built in Quarry Lake Park? Please ?explain the basis of your opinion.
  1. How will you show leadership in Canmore regarding purpose built (multi-use ?friendly) mountain bike trails on Town of Canmore land?
  1. As a community leader, how did you feel about the Flow Trail project being ?rejected last fall? How did you vote or how would you have voted?
  1. What are your values as they relate to active transportation in Canmore? (e.g. ?walking and cycling)
  1. Do you support a Complete Streets Policy? Complete streets are streets that are designed to be safe for all users, such as people who walk, bicycle, take transit or drive, and people of varying ages and levels of ability. They also consider other uses like sidewalk cafés, street furniture, street trees, utilities and stormwater management.
  1. Canmore has an Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP). The plan acknowledges that as we grow, to make room for those that need to drive, we need to make walking, cycling and transit more desirable alternatives. What will you do to facilitate and encourage alternative modes of transportation – transit, walking and cycling – as per the ITP?
  1. Would you vote in favour of road space reallocations that separate bicycles from cars, transit and pedestrians to facilitate a complete street design?
  1. Many seniors and those with mobility challenges find it difficult or impossible to walk and cycle comfortably in our community; especially in the winter when some have a hard time leaving their homes. With an aging population in Canmore and more desire to age in place, are you committed to continued and growing funding for sidewalks, bicycle paths and the maintenance needed to make our community inclusive and equitable? What types of programs or infrastructure would you like to see this funding specifically support?
  1. Should the default speed limit be lowered on some streets in Canmore? Why or why not?


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